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    • Australia's people and companies are already world leaders in renewable energy. Meet them.

  • Key Facts And Figures

    Key Facts And Figures

    • 18,182

      renewable energy jobs nation-wide

    • 12,699

      current jobs in construction of wind projects, and 5435 in solar

    • 2,500+

      rooftop solar businesses nation-wide, employing over 6000 people

    • 19.7%

      of our electricity generated from renewable energy in March 2018

    • 26%

      of electricity is on track to be met by renewable energy in 2020

    • 1.8M

      million homes powered by solar

  • Households And Communities

    Households And Communities

    • University of Queenlsand goes 100% solar with its own farm

      The University of Queensland is set to become the first major uni in the world to offset 100% of its...

    • From abandoned mine to solar farm: The amazing Kidston Solar Project

      When the mine closed, something died in this area. Everyone just disappeared. Now there’s a solar farm. I’ve got a...

    • Solar program saves Aboriginal families money and trains workers

      More than 150 homes in an Aboriginal housing development have had solar panels installed as part of a new program...

  • Governments


    • The first climate emergency response plan by a government body!

      Darebin City Council has produced the first strategic plan by a government body for an emergency response to the climate...

    • Solar is now Queensland's biggest power station

      Queensland has officially become the Solar State with new figures confirming that combined solar rooftops are now the state’s biggest...

    • Tasmania plans to be 100% renewable, 100% self-sufficient

      Tasmania is aiming to become totally energy self sufficient on renewable sources by 2022 to prevent a repeat of the...

  • Businesses


    • Whyalla plans to meet South Australia's energy needs five times over

      Whyalla plans to meet South Australia's energy needs five times over

      British Billionaire Sanjeev Gupta made headlines across the country (and around the world) when he bought the troubled steel mill...

    • Heroic farmer saves cash, climate, while helping other farmers win

      SYDNEY – Charlie Prell doesn’t want to save the world. He just wants to do his bit for the economy...

    • Farmers get boost from community energy

      MORE farmers are powering up - and hoping to fatten their wallets - by hosting community-funded clean energy projects that can...