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  • Federal Labor needs to take action to #StopAdani now Image
    • Federal Labor needs to take action to #StopAdani now

  • Repower partner is fighting to ensure that Adani doesn’t secure financing in the next few weeks.

    The mining giant Adani has revealed plans to break up the development of its Carmichael mega mine into “stages” of work – which means it will be easier for the company to find the funds needed to start building straight away, but ultimately it will be just as damaging to our water, Reef and climate.

    Labor politicians have been hoping that the Adani mine would just disappear so they don’t have to deal with it – but this mining conglomerate will push ahead no matter what’s at stake. That’s why Adani is now before the courts for polluting the Great Barrier Reef, and being investigated for illegal drilling into groundwater sources.

    Our politicians need to stand up and represent the two thirds of Australians who do not support this low quality, thermal export coal mine.

    Using this easy email tool, call on Opposition Leader Bill Shorten, Deputy Opposition Leader Tanya Plibersek, and Shadow Environment Minister Mark Butler now to commit to stopping this destructive, climate-destroying project.