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    • Save renewables, stop the NEG

      The government has proposed a renewables-killing plan called the National Energy Guarantee, or NEG. Its impact will lock in coal and ensure virtually no new renewables get built for 10 years. Sign GetUp’s petition to help defeat this plan!

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    • Join or start a local #Repower group!

      Our campaign is powered by you, and there are dozens of #Repower aligned groups all across the country. Register or join a group here and be part of solutions.

    • Are you Repowering? Share your story!

      How is your community, business, or home #Repowering to renewables? We want to hear your story! Please fill out our short story form and we may use your story to inspire others.

    • Demand clean, renewable energy for all

      #Repower partner Solar Citizens new campaign calls on state and federal governments to address the obstacles that hold back renters, people who live in apartments, and low-income households from making the most of Australia’s abundant sunshine.