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    • Repowering Australia will create a better life for everyone.

  • Renewable
    energy helps:

    • Stop
      Damage To Our Climate

    • Bring

    • Bring

    • Control
      Our Energy Bills

      • We want clean energy for all, owned by people and communities

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      • But a few polluting energy companies are ripping us off, locking us into old
        technologies they
        control to hoard
        more profits.

        Their greed is making people
        sick and putting our whole
        world at risk.

      • We have
        to fight
        for solutions and take back control
        of our energy and our future.
        Here’s how:

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    Build people power

    Dirty coal and energy companies and the politicians in their pocket are holding us back. We need to build a massive movement to take back control.

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    Go Beyond Coal

    We need to move beyond dirty coal that poisons our air, our climate, and our politics. Coal must be phased out with a just transition for working people and communities.

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    Build Renewables Everywhere

    Today's clean energy is reliable, cheaper, and causes no climate pollution. We need to #Repower our homes, communities, and businesses. Let's get on with it!

  • Let's get on with it!

    Let's get on with it!

    • Morrison coal

      Sydney Snap Climate Rally

      While Scott Morrison represents the coal lobby, we’re taking to the streets to represent the eight out of ten Australians who want renewables to be our main source of energy. Join us in PM Scott Morrison’s electorate.

    • Rise for Climate

      Rise for Climate

      On September 8, join an event in your community, as part of thousands of rallies in cities and towns around the world, to demand our local leaders commit to a fast, fair and just transition to 100% renewable energy and an immediate end to new fossil fuel projects.

    • Melbourne Snap Climate Rally

      Scott Morrison’s first day in Parliament as PM will be ushered in by a wave of over 40 climate actions. Join us: State Library, Melbourne - 6pm Friday 7th September. .

  • Australia's people and companies
    are already leaders. Meet them:

    • Repower stories:

    • Updates from the campaign:

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        Repower partner, Environment Victoria says amendments to Victoria’s Residential Tenancies Act passed this week set renters on...

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      • Rise for Climate: this is what people power looks like & this is what will beat the fossil fuel industry.

        On Saturday 8 September, Australia led a wave of global protests as thousands of people at more...

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      • Kicking coal out of politics

        Over the weekend, thousands of Australians took the streets to make sure everyone sees how out of...

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